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Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus


The Library has an online e-database and e-journals. Students can borrow, renew or return books across the campus and institutions that collaborate with PSU Phuket through the Inter-library Loan service.
Education and Career Services
The university provides information about local and international graduate education opportunities, recruitment news and information, employment and recruitment services for students who are about to graduate, training and seminars, English language courses and resume building workshops.
Consultancy and Counseling Services
The university recognizes that often difficulties can arise to adjusting to university life, with people from different cultural backgrounds, change of life, and adapting to living on campus. The university provides individual consulting services for any student who requires it.
Gym and Outdoor Sports Fields
There is one gymnasium, and several sports fields and courts for students and personnel of PSU Phuket to use. There are also various sport competitions including badminton, basketball, volleyball, tennis, petanque, and beach volleyball.
Cafeteria, Shops and Banks
Canteens, mini-marts, coffee shops, laundries, beauty saloons, gift shops, computer shops, bookstores, copy shops, and food kiosks are all available on campus.
There is a Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) located just outside the back entrance of PSU Phuket campus.
International Affairs Center (IAC)
The IAC deals with the international affairs of the campus, which includes facilitating life and work of the campus’s international students, staff, and visitors, smoothing and upgrading inter-cultural communication and understanding between its local and international members, but also in promoting and upgrading teaching, studying and research. The IAC assists in coordinating requests for training from abroad, for overseas scholarships, and making arrangements for visitors as well as the overseas visits of campus members. For more information please visit: http://www.iac.phuket.psu.ac.th/
Confucius Institute of Phuket (CIP)
CIP was established through the cooperation between PSU and Shanghai University, and the support of the International Office of Chinese Language Council (HANBAN). It’s mission is to promote Chinese language and culture, support research and publicize news on Chinese culture in order to strengthen the relationship between Thailand and China. CIP is an independent, non-profit organization that wishes to provide opportunities for school children, students, staff and the general public to learn and improve their knowledge of the Chinese language and culture.
PSU Terminal
Recently opened in July 2014, PSU Terminal is a state of the art facility at PSU Phuket built in order to aid in teaching PSU students about the Airline Industry and training students in becoming airline stewards and stewardesses. The facility is a certified IATA Training Centre. PSU Terminal is a replica of a real aircraft, with all the standard appliances, materials and equipment. Students can also learn how to check in passengers at the terminal, as well as learn how to operate as an air host/hostess within an airplane.
Exchange Programs
ASEAN International Mobility for Students Program (AIMS)
The ASEAN International Mobility for Students Program (AIMS) has been established to facilitate university student exchange between Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. FHT, PSU is proud to be the only Faculty selected by the Office of the Higher Education Commission to participate in AIMS for the Hospitality and Tourism area of study. Up to 10 full scholarships are provided to FHT students each year for the exchange program. Students who are selected to participate in the program may study in one of the designated universities in Indonesia, Malaysia or Vietnam for one semester and obtain credits for the study toward FHT courses. Interested students may seek more information and apply at the International Affairs Centre (IAC).
PSU-IMI Triple Degree Program at IMI, Switzerland
PSU-IMI Triple Degree Program is jointly offered by FHT, PSU and IMI University Centre, Switzerland. 4th year FHT students wishing to undertake this program will study for 5 months at IMI and complete another 5 month paid internship in Switzerland or another European country. Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded with 3 degrees as follows:
BBA in Hospitality Management or BBA in Tourism Management by FHT, PSU
BA with Honors by IMI University Center, Switzerland and BA with Honors by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), U.K. as programs offered by IMI University Center are accredited by MMU. Students may choose one of the following programs to undertake at IMI

Student Mobility Program
This program offers students who are studying at FHT PSU Phuket Campus the opportunity to study or do an internship abroad in countries such as Germany, France, Serbia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
Visa Information
Student Visa
All international students who attend Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus are required to hold a student visa: Type of Visa - Non-Immigrant - Category ED - No. of Entry - Single (S).
International students who are accepted to study at PSU/Phuket will receive two certified letters and other related documents from the university to present at the Royal Thai Embassy with their
Visa Application Form:
1)  Acceptance Letter 
2)  Visa Request Letter (in Thai)
3)  Verification by Vice President and Administration
There are Single Entry (S) and Multiple Entry (M) Visas, however a Single Entry visa is recommended for both students and staff. For more information about the visa application process please visit www.mfa.go.th/main/en/
In order to determine if you should apply for a “single entry” or a “multiple entry” visa, you should consider the number of times you intend to travel outside Thailand within 90 days after you arrive. IAC recommends that you apply for a Single Entry Visa (S).
Choose a “Single Entry Visa” if you don’t have any plans to leave Thailand or if you aren’t sure about your travel plans.
Choose a “Multiple Entry Visa” if you plan to leave Thailand or travel outside of Thailand within 90 days after you arrive. This will allow you to get better value for your money. For traveling outside Thailand, it is recommended that you search for information about the country you would like to visit, especially immigration rules and regulations about visas. For example in Singapore you are required to show your return ticket upon arrival, otherwise you are not allowed to enter the country.
Other Important Information
For those who hold a Single Entry Visa (S) the embassy will only grant a three-month (90 day) validity period for the first application. Once you are in the Kingdom of Thailand, a visa extension can easily be done in Phuket under our campus auspice. While those who hold a Multiple Entry Visa (M), the visa will be valid for one (1) year from the visa issue date, however you will have to leave Thailand every 90 days. There is no visa category that will initially allow you to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand for more than 90 days. However, you can extend your visa before it expires at the Immigration Office in Phuket Town, but this will automatically change your visa to a Single Entry Visa (S).
When you see a page in your passport stamped: ENTER BEFORE … DATE …, this specifies that you must enter Thailand before the date stamped, and has nothing to do with the validity period of your visa. It is simply a time frame in which you can travel to Thailand.
It is illegal to hold a tourist visa to work or study in Thailand (It is also illegal to work while holding a Non-Immigrant ED (Education) visa, however internships are allowed). The period for a tourist visa is generally only 60 days, and you can get a 30 day extension. The duration you are allowed to stay in Thailand depends on what type of visa you are holding (some countries have special agreements with the Thai Government in order to allow their citizens to stay in Thailand). If you enter Thailand with a tourist visa, you must leave the country with a university letter to apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa at a Thai Embassy or Consulate somewhere outside of Thailand. Mostly we would recommend you to go to Penang or Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.
Once you get a visa – check its expiry date.  You cannot stay beyond the expiry date, not even by one day, but you can depart Thailand any day before the expiry date. No documents are needed if you leave the country before the expiry date of your visa. For PSU staff and students, IAC will extend the validity of your visa before it’s expired so you are able to stay in Thailand for a maximum of one year (based on the Rules and Regulations for Non-Immigrant Visa Applications).
Upon entering the Kingdom of Thailand, as you go through the immigration counter, please make sure that the immigration officer did not just give you a 30-day visa on arrival. They typically stamp “USED” on your visa page. 
Please staple the “Immigration d TM6 Form” so called “Departure Card” into your passport, as you will need it to leave the country.
Re-Entry Permit
If you get a Single Entry Visa and wish to travel outside Thailand at a later time, you must apply for a “Re-Entry Permit” at the Immigration Office in Phuket Town before leaving Thailand.
Without this permit, your visa will be cancelled and Immigration will stamp a tourist visa in your passport on your return date and you will have to go through the Non-B/Non-ED visa application process again. So be sure to come to IAC to pick up a form to apply for a Re-entry Permit at the Immigration Office, or you can email IAC at iacpsu@gmail.com and we can provide you the information and form via email.
There are 2 types of re-entry permits:
A Single Re-Entry Permit: You intend to leave Thailand only one time and you don’t have plans to leave Thailand again in the near future after your return. The fee for a single re-entry permit is 1,000 baht.
A Multiple Re-Entry Permit: You intend to leave Thailand more than one time within 3 - 6 months after your return. This permit will enable you to take as many overseas trips as you want until your visa expires (not more than one (1) year). The fee for a multiple re-entry permit is 3,800 baht.
For more information and to download the application forms please contact http://www.immigration.go.th/
Visa Extension
Regardless of the number of times you enter the country with your visa (single or multiple entries); at the time of your first arrival you are only permitted to stay a maximum of 90 days. Before the 90 days has passed, your visa must be extended to cover your study or work period. Your visa will be extended the maximum of one (1) fiscal year for staff or cover the study period for students. Your visa, however, cannot be extended more than 1 year at a time. The fee for the visa extension is 1,900 baht.
Please note that if you enter the country with a “Multiple Entry Visa” you MUST leave and re-enter Thailand every 90 days. If you don’t have plans to leave the country, your visa can be extended at the Immigration Office at Phuket Town, however your “Multiple Entry Visa” will automatically be changed to a “Single Entry Visa”. If you have plans to leave the country you will have to apply for a Re-Entry Permit beforehand.
You must notify the International Affairs Centre (IAC) two weeks before your expiry date to get an extension on your visa. The extension can be done within 45 days before the expiry date.
Note: If you overstay, there is a fine of 500 THB per day, and a maximum of 20,000 THB.

90 Day Report
All international members at PSU/Phuket, including staff and students, regardless of their visa types, but especially those with Non-B/Non-ED Single (S) Entry Visas, are required to report to an Immigration Office in Thailand every 90 days.
The exception is when your temporary 3-month visa, applied for and obtained from abroad when you first entered the Kingdom of Thailand, expires. You will have to report to the Immigration Office in Phuket Town to extend the 3-month temporary visa to a full-year visa, based on your contract. You can ask IAC for assistance.
90-Days are counted in the following way:
Applying for the first extension of your 3-month visa to a full year visa:
Start counting from the date your visa has been extended. The 90th day is the date you are required to make a 90-Day Report. Fill out Form TM 47, and bring it to the Immigration Office. There is no charge for this extension e.g. Suppose your first temporary 3-month visa is extended on 23 September. Counting 90 days, you will have to make your first 90-Day report on 22 December at the immigration office; however you are able to report yourself 15 days prior to that date or within 7 days after that date. Once your first 90-Day report is done, the last part of the form: Receipt of Notification will be stapled in your passport indicating the date of your next 90-Day report. The first visa extension date is your first 90 Day Report, the next 90 days is counted from this date. It is important that you note the date and report yourself to the Immigration Office.
Note: If you overstay, there is a fine of 500 THB per day, and a maximum of 2,000 THB at the Immigration Office in Phuket Town, or a maximum of 5,000 THB at Phuket International Airport.
Leaving the country before the due date of your next 90-Day report:
If you leave the country before the due date of your next 90-Day report, begin counting your 90 days from the date you re-enter the Kingdom of Thailand, as shown on the date stamped on Form TM 6 (your Departure Card) from the Thai Immigration Bureau, stapled into your passport.
90-Day Report Online
Immigration has recently introduced a new system for the 90-Day Report, it can now be done online so you do not have to visit the immigration office every 90 days.
Instead, you can visit the following website (using only an Internet Explorer web browser):
If this link does not work, please visit http://www.immigration.go.th/ and click on the bar on the left hand side that says “Apply for Notification of Staying in the Kingdom Over 90 Days”.
You can review the 90 Day Report Guideline available on the IAC website for detailed instructions.
If you decide to do the 90 day report online, it must be done 8-15 days before the due date.
When asked to enter the Address of Resident, please fill this in as: "Apartment" at PSU Phuket, 80 Moo 1 Vichitsongkram Road, District Kathu, Phuket Province, 83120 Thailand, and telephone number 076-276 097.
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